I always claim to be a logical and practical girl and have rolled my eyes when my friends talk about things like sun signs, lucky hats etc. But I have been guilty of placing value one silly tradition. Every morning, before I leave for work Mike gives me a small hug and wishes me a “Great day”. Somehow I’ve always had a bad time if her changes it to a good day or something else. So Mike is under strict orders to always say the same thing everyday.

This morning, we got into a silly argument and Mike didn’t say anything as I left, leave alone give me a hug. I was too mad to talk to him and I left in a huff. Predictably the morning was spent on redoing something that had worked perfectly in the past but refused to work now! Thankfully we met for lunch and made up and Mike said “Have a great rest of the day” while dropping me back at work. So readers, do you think my afternoon will be better than morning?

Is there any superstition that you believe in that sounds silly to others? Now’s the time to ‘fess up 🙂

Forgive the lack of posts in here lately. I’ve been on itty bitty weekend trips for the last 2 weekends and have had no time to write. A post on frugal impromptu trips is on its way.

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