Mike and I are off to sunny Florida for the weekend. Mike used to live in Tampa before and we both have had a lot of fun in Florida. So we decided to use some about to expire airline credit and booked ourselves on a flight to Orlando. A friend of ours is going to Grad School in that area and while we are not staying with him, we plan to hang out with him through the weekend. He is Mike’s college buddy and Mike’s quite excited to meet him after a year.

And here comes our dilemma. We know that Mike’s friend, let’s call him Chris, is not in a very good place financially. I mean he is a student and we don’t want to impose on him. But I really want to do touristy things while in Florida like going to Disney World or Discovery Cove. We thought that maybe we could go out to one of these days without Chris, so that he doesn’t have to pay the steep admission and we had two more days to spend with him. But Mike feels that he can’t suggest that Chris stay put while we go somewhere. And now Mike talked to Chris and while Chris seems to be ok with going to a theme park, he is clearly not very happy at spending the money. So Mike wants to drop the theme park idea and just go to the beaches.

Having been a Grad student myself, I really understand the pain of being surrounded by friends who work and can spend big dollars. But flights to Orlando cost a pretty penny. I am not sure when we would go to Orlando again. And Discovery Cove seems to be so inviting. I really want to go. We thought about offering to pay for Chris’ ticket too, but we are looking at $150 here. Mike feels that even if we do pay, Chris would feel uncomfortable about letting us pay. We are really in a quandary here.  What do you suggest we do?

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3 Responses to Decisions

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with say the two of you want to spend the day together and take off for the theme park.

    If Chris doesn’t want to pay he doesn’t have to it is his choice. You & Mike can’t feel guilty that Chris isn’t happy about spending the money if he indeed chooses to spend the money.

  2. LBC Teacher says:

    I would phrase it as, “Don’t feel obligated to join us on all our activities. We know you’re busy and we’ll still have plenty of time together.” That way it’s on his time, not on the money? If he decides to go anyway, then it’s on him.

  3. Ella says:

    Exactly! Just because we are visiting him doesn’t mean we can’t spend a day apart. But Mike did get to talk to him yesterday and seems like Chris is going to come with us to the theme park. So let’s see how that goes

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