Back From Orlando

Mike and I are back from spending three muggy days in Florida. We had a great time though. We went to Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove and spent a rainy day at the beach. Much fun was had!

Lessons From the Trip:

1) Never book a hotel room far away from the attractions you want to visit. We booked a room near Chris’ place which was a good 1.5 hour drive from Orlando. Never again! The drive to and from was really tiring.

2) Never check in both bags even if the airline offers free check ins. We flew Southwest and decided to check in both our bags since we wanted to carry our regular shampoo and other stuff (I generally hate hotel stuff). I thought it would be fun to just carry my handbag on the flight. The airlines lost both our bags and Walmart was the only store open after 11pm. I was not happy to buy new clothes at Walmart to wear the next day.

3) Factor in the cost of water and soda. It was a really hot day when we visited Busch Gardens. I don’t think it’s possible to actually survive the day without drinking anything, but buying drinks can become very expensive. Stick to water or lemonade rather than soda and make sure to budget for drinks.

4) Make use of any freebies that your entrance ticket entitles you to. When we bought tickets to Discovery Cove, we were told that we could get free entrance to Busch Gardens or Sea World. So we changed our plans a bit and decided to make use of the free ticket. We had an awesome time. Our ticket also included breakfast, lunch and snacks and we made full use of that 🙂 We nearly missed collecting our complimentary photo, but managed to get it. So before you go, research well and find out all that is included with the ticket.

5) Last but not the least, make sure you have fun! 🙂 This way you get most bang for your buck!

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