Sell Your Crap

I’ve recently started reading Man Vs Debt. His blog is really awesome – I’ve been enjoying going into his archives and reading about his adventures. I like the way he writes, because he makes it so much fun.

He is selling a guide called Sell Your Crap, which has guides to selling on ebay, amazon and craigslist. I have had limited success with selling on craigslist – it’s usually a hit or miss. But I have been struggling to sell some stuff on ebay. I have been trying to sell my Sega Genesis console and have had no bids. I have never even tried to sell anything on Amazon before. I am an avid reader and I have tons of books that I know I will never read again. I would really like to unload them on Amazon. Now that we have Netflix, I find that most of the DVDs I own are available for Instant Streaming and I can let go of most of those as well.

I am really considering buying his guide. I am not able to find out how much it costs though. The only thing I worry about is whether buying such a guide will be useful enough to justify the cost. We live in an apartment and so there is not a lot of things lying around. Maybe the next time I visit my parents, I should raid their garage for stuff to sell. 🙂 Plus I have to convince Mike. He always feels that it is better to just donate unwanted things as it is less of a hassle and plus it’s always nice to give back. I agree with him to an extent too, even if the Sega Genesis I had listed had sold, it would have been so difficult to pack and ship it.

So have any of you had success with selling on ebay? Do you think I should buy the guide?

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7 Responses to Sell Your Crap

  1. LBC Teacher says:

    I usually don’t have problems selling stuff online. On Amazon, I check the going price of the book I want to sell. If it’s less than $2.00, I just goodwill it. Otherwise I list it, making sure to send it media mail or whatever’s cheapest. As far as Ebay, I’ve usually managed to get my stuff sold, with a few exceptions. Not sure what my “secret” is there. I set a low starting bid and reasonable shipping. Basically, I have a something is better than nothing attitude about selling my stuff, and try to make it competitive with similar items. Good luck!

    • Ella says:

      The problem with Amazon is it can sell at anytime. I hate holding to stuff I’ve decided to purge and if I don’t list it on eBay, I like to just give it to Goodwill.
      Yup, I need to think that something is better than nothing. I look at other listings for the same product and think that I should make atleast 80% of that. I guess I will relist the items on eBay and reduce the starting bid. Thanks for your input. 🙂

  2. I have sold a lot of things on Ebay over the years mostly stuff I buy at thrift stores and the main thing is that you can’t force it. Go on look at what others are selling for and list it a little lower if you really want it gone. If you can throw in some related extra that might drive the price up then you can pull it above the pack. Check the completed listings where they show old auctions if no others are for sale right now. Most things are either going to sell for around the same price or just wont every sell. Don’t bother listing something that has twenty others listed with no bids you’ll just end up racking up fees.

  3. You can get a book about selling on eBay at the library or just flip through one at the local book store for free.

  4. Jason says:

    Sorry for resurrecting this post, I just found it while researching a blog post of my own. I haven’t had the pleasure of checking out Adam’s guide to “selling your crap”, but it doesn’t really seem by this post that you’re looking to overhaul your home storage situation (clean house, so to speak), but rather are looking to unload a particular item. There is a healthy interest in classic gaming systems, and as many of the E-bay selling guides will tell you, you need to find a way to set your item apart from the rest. Take some high quality pictures that clearly show the system (make sure it’s clean)’ games and any accessories. If you still have the original game cases and instructions make sure you show and describe all of that as well. I’d actually post such an item on Craigslist first. It’s free and you’ll keep more of your return not having to ship the item!

    • Ella says:

      Yeah you are right! I live in an one bedroom apartment and there’s not really a lot of crap to sell. I did sell my game console for almost double of what I wanted. Weird, one week there were no bids and the next week people were falling over each other to buy my stuff.

      I don’t like craigslist for things like this because people try to lowball me and I know they are just going to go and put it on eBay anyway.

  5. Joe says:

    I think a lot of these minimalist ebooks are overpriced. If you’re interested in going in on Baker’s book, I’m down. And the positive side is that if it doesn’t work, he says he’ll give a refund no questions asked.


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