To Tree or Not

Mike and I are not very religious people. I will describe our religious views in another post. So we are wondering if we should have a Christmas tree in our apartment. This is our second Christmas after we got married, but last year Mike was working in another state and I was not in mood to put up a tree and decorate. But this year we both are together and I am feeling the itch to put up a tree. I think it may be because I helped decorate the tree at work. Mike doesn’t want the tree so much, but he says I can put one up if I want to. I think having a tree at home would make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And now that we are married, I feel this will help us have some traditions in our life.

On the other hand, it is really expensive to buy a tree, lights, ornaments and so on. Even if I don’t buy a fresh cut tree, the artificial ones also cost money. And the decorations will surely add up too! I wonder if it makes more sense to wait for a year to start the tree tradition. I know that all of these things could be reused every year, but we both have committed to paying back debt and I keep thinking it is not wise. For one thing, we have decided to downsize our gifts to each other (in light of expensive birthday gifts) and since we are not flying out anywhere for Christmas, we are only mailing gifts to immediate family. I keep thinking it is selfish on my part to want to put up a tree when we are sacrificing on gifts. Alternatively we could buy a small Charlie Brown tree, but once I see that in stores I just go eh!

Unless someone writes a compelling reason for me to get a tree this year, I think I will wait to get my tree. We have a nice tree at work and there is a small lit up tree in my cubicle close to my moniter. And I can bring the Christmas spirit at home, by playing music and doing other small things. Mike and I can drive through the neighborhood to look at the lights and I think Christmas will be jolly! What do you think?

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One Response to To Tree or Not

  1. jolie says:

    The spirit of (secular) Christmas is not tied to the tree. There are lots of ways you can bring that into your home without the tree itself through small decorations, candles, cards, music etc. Absolutely a tree, real or otherwise will cost you some money, but if you think of that investment as long term, it isn’t quite so bad. A few nicely chosen items will last much longer than something trendy that won’t be in style after a year or two.

    If you decide not to do a tree this year, perhaps purchasing some of the decorations at post Christmas sales to save for next year, will offshoot those costs when the next holiday season rolls around.

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