Things I Want

I don’t know if it’s because of the Christmas shopping ads I see on TV, but lately I am getting the itch to buy a lot of things. Since I am on a budget and working on paying my debt back, I can’t indulge in them. But it doesn’t hurt to write about them! 🙂

1) This gorgeous wool coat from Macy’s. I saw this coat at Macy’s when I went there on Black Friday and I fell in love. But I have 2 nice coats and one not-so-nice one and so I don’t really need this. But the color looks gorgeous and it felt so warm. Maybe next winter after I have paid down my student loans and purged the coats I do not like.

2) Good running shoes. I stopped running outside when the weather turned colder and the shoes I have work well for inside the gym. But come Spring, I will want to run outside again and I have signed up for a race in May. So I would like to go speciality store and be fitted for good shoes.

3) Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii. I am such a dork when it comes to Mario or other Nintendo character games. But we recently bought the Xbox Kinect Bundle and I have 3 new games for the Kinect (one came with the Kinect, one we bought and one we got free from Old Navy on Black Friday) So even if I do buy this game, I don’t really have the time to play it. Besides since the game is so new, even pre-owned copies costs $40 at GameStop. I think I will wait for 6 months and then buy a preowned copy for half that price.

4) A nice inexpensive handbag. A couple of months ago I wrote about how Mike got me a Coach handbag for my birthday. I have been using that for work since then, but I think I am abusing it. With all the snow and slush we are getting, I don’t want to spoil the only nice bag I have. I think I would like to buy something inexpensive that I would not be worried about spoiling and use my nice bag when we go out for dinner etc. For now I think I will just go back to using the dinky bag I was using before. Funny how nice gifts end up costing you more money in the long run.

5) This one is a little frivolous, but look how cute it is – butterfly in a jar. It’s so cute and since it’s fake – no guilty feeling When I was a kid I once managed to catch a butterfly and put it in a jar. And then my father saw it and became very angry and asked me how I would like it if I were locked up in a small room. My father is very passionate about animals and he is the reason why I grew up as a vegetarian. Can you believe that I’ve never ever had any meat or fish ever?

Wow writing this list has made me realize about how I don’t really need anything right now. We have downsized our gift giving for Christmas and it feels liberating to not worry about what to buy for everyone. Mike and I have set a limit of $25 for gifts to each other and we are not doing any gifts for anyone other than immediate family. And my parents have generously offered to pay $1000 towards my student loan instead of a gift (but knowing them, I know there will definitely be a small gift for each of us in the mail too). I think everyone is too consumed with gifts, tree, decorations and so on and are not able to enjoy the true spirit of the season.

So what’s on your list of things you want but are not going to buy?

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