Got A Bonus

When I checked my bank account this morning, I noticed that the balance was about $1500 more than what it should be. There was a direct deposit from from work for about $1500. I figured this must be an error and when I went in to work, I went to my HR to talk about it. She smiled and said that it was my bonus and that there would be an official announcement later. I was so thrilled! It’s a nice surprise. Turns out they do that every year, except last year (due to the economy). Since I’ve been working here only since 2009 I didn’t know about it. The CEO came around later and gave us the bonus stub and a box of chocolates. It was all so nice.

I called Mike and told him about it and he was happy too. His first reaction was to go to Best Buy tonight and buy a big screen LED TV. I told him that I wanted to do something responsible with this. We agreed to send $1000 to my student loans, $300 to savings and $200 to spend on something fun ($100 for each). He wants to buy some camera stuff with his $100. I don’t know what to do with mine. I guess I could use it for to buy something from my last post, but like I said yesterday I don’t really need any of those. I think I am just going to sit on my money for a while. Or maybe I will blow it all on something this weekend, you never know! 🙂

I also snagged a nice fleece jacket from work today. Our company has conferences once a year and during that time they give out T shirts or something to customers. They usually give the employees one too. This year we were given a choice between a tote bag and an orange jacket. Fearing the orange would look really ugly, I chose the tote bag. But when the jackets were distributed the orange jacket looked really nice and I was kicking myself for not getting one. Today the Marketing Manager sent out an email saying she had some extra jackets and that we could take one if we wanted. I made a beeline to her cube and get me a jacket. Today’s my day for getting everything I want.

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