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Goal Recap

I think I have been mostly a good girl this January. I am pretty pleased with the progress I have made on most goals. 1) Student Loans – Setup Auto pay and pay $2000 Somewhat fail. I have not setup … Continue reading

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To Kindle or Not?

I have come into some money recently. No I did not win the lottery. And when I say money, it means a mix of gift cards and cash. The gift cards are mainly from credit card rewards and Some … Continue reading

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Health Goal Fail

I think I have failed my health goal the first week itself! I made it to the gym three days this week. But didn’t make it after that. I have been tracking calories and realized that I am eating way … Continue reading

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January Goals

I know a lot of PF  bloggers make monthly goals. I think that would be a good idea to make myself more accountable to my new year resolutions. I made a ton of resolutions last year and when 2011 rolled … Continue reading

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New Year Resolutions

Sorry I have been MIA the last month. Things became a little crazy here during the holidays. Without further ado, here are my 2011 goals. 1) Pay off my Student Loans. The last few months I have been paying only … Continue reading

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