New Year Resolutions

Sorry I have been MIA the last month. Things became a little crazy here during the holidays. Without further ado, here are my 2011 goals.

1) Pay off my Student Loans. The last few months I have been paying only minimum on them. The balance due is little less than $20000. I plan to pay $2000 every month for student loans and I should be done in Oct. But I am giving myself a little leeway and hope to be done by December.

2) Lose 35 pounds. I have been packing on pounds ever since I graduated. I think I was more active in school and walked a mile to my classes everyday. I also love swimming and used to swim every other day. Ever since I started working I am walking a lot less and eating out more. I want to track calories using this neat app called Lose It! and go to the gym 5 days a week. Maybe I will start doing Fridays weigh ins on the blog.

3) Work on learning French – I really do love the language. In 2009, I used to take lessons from a French student who was an exchange student at the local university. Unfortunately as soon as she left back to France, I stopped. I have found another tutor and I am having my first lesson next weekend. I hope to speak French better by the end of 2011.

4) Write more on this blog. I think this can be a great accountability tool and I love how the PF blogging community is very supportive of each other. I would love to post my budget and get some feedback, but I am a little worried about how my numbers seem much higher than others. At any rate I want to be more open on the blog.

Here’s to a great 2011!

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