Health Goal Fail

I think I have failed my health goal the first week itself! I made it to the gym three days this week. But didn’t make it after that. I have been tracking calories and realized that I am eating way more than I should be. I am trying to stay within 1500 calories each day. Also we went out for dinner yesterday. And Mike is out grabbing dinner as I write this.

I need to get a grip on this if I plan to lose 35 pounds this year. For a vegetarian, I don’t really eat as much salads as one would think. When I was growing up, every meal would always be carb centric – rice or pasta. I hardly every eat salads. I should change this and try incorporate more salads into my routine. Maybe I should try and pick some yummy dressing at Trader Joe’s the next time I am there. Also I have cold cereal for breakfast everyday and I shouldn’t be doing that. I don’t buy sugar loaded cereal though and stick to Kashi, but I think having oatmeal in the morning is a good idea. The only problem is, I usually hate oats. Time to change a lot of what I don’t like!

Hope next week turns out better.

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2 Responses to Health Goal Fail

  1. I am with you on this one. When I got on the scale at the beginning of the year I accepted the fact that I had gained back 15 of the 17 that I had lost. I decided I would start by tracking my calories at and I did good all week until Friday. On Friday I discovered the true meaning of empty calories, I was 500 calories over for eating snack food.

    I am going to keep tracking this week and add in 15 minutes of cardio at the gym 5 times this week.

    If we are going to do this right and be successful we have to ease into it and prepare properly…just like we do with for our finances.

    Good luck

    • Ella says:

      Oh yes, the snacks! I get a case of the munchies by 3pm and I just use up all my calories I am allowed for the day.

      You are right about preparing for it well. Really hope we lose the weight this year.

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