Goal Recap

I think I have been mostly a good girl this January. I am pretty pleased with the progress I have made on most goals.

1) Student Loans – Setup Auto pay and pay $2000
Somewhat fail. I have not setup auto pay and I have paid just the minimum payment. But all is not lost. I am meeting up with a banker at a local credit union to talk about possibly refinancing them. And the difference between $2000 and the minimum payment is sitting in my Savings account.

2) Lose 5 pounds
Success! I have been going to the gym between 3 to 5 times each week. I have also been careful about keeping track of my calories using this iPhone app called Lose It. The weekends are the hardest though. Mike and I love going out for dinner in the weekend. I am trying to pick calories friendly restaurants or trying to do just salads (which is difficult because I am not a fan of salads). Unfortunately this is the 5 pounds I gained during the holiday season. Hope February turns out just as great.

3) Brush up French
Success. I was able to remember most of what I knew and my tutor is very happy with my progress. She talks entirely in French and relies more on what I remember and pick up rather than traditional conjugation and grammar. I was hesitant at first, but it seems to be working well. I hope to keep this up next month too.

4) Post at least 2 times each week on the blog.
Epic fail! I think this is the one goal I failed spectacularly. One way to start would be to be more open on the blog about my budget (or lack of it!), Savings etc. I hope that Feb turns out better.

I am mostly happy with my progress and hope that I keep up the momentum throughout 2011. So how are you faring in your goals?

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