Happy Valentine’s Day

I know that there is a lot of flack in the blogosphere about celebrating Valentine’s Day. But to be honest, I like doing something special on V Day. I know that we must love our significant others 365 days a year, but is it wrong to choose one day of the year to do something extra nice for your loved one? I don’t mean going into debt for buying diamonds for your girl (like ads on TV urge everyone to do). But it can’t hurt to show your girlfriend/wife/husband/bf that you care about them.

Mike and I usually go to a sappy movie every year. Last year we saw Valentine’s Day and this year it is Gnomeo and Juliet. We both hate watching chick flicks and so when we do it this one day of the year, it feels good. We also exchanged gifts – I got a Wii game (Donkey Kong Country Returns) and I gave him a massage certificate from our gym. No candy or heart shaped balloons, but the gift feels truly special. I have been wanting this game for long and have mentioned this to him just once and it feels nice to know that he remembered. And Mike has some trouble with his back and he just won’t go to a spa for a massage. So I figured he could always take a massage after a workout since it’s at our gym.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who celebrates! So what is everyone doing for Valentine’s Day?

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2 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Daisy says:

    I also celebrate vday.
    I understand that it’s a hallmark holiday, & consumerism runs wild on this particular day, but I think the premise is nice – show the person you love that you love them.
    Boy & I go out for dinner (the day after, because otherwise we can’t get in without reservations), & exchange very small gifts. It’s fun for kids, too!

    • Ella says:

      Yaay, another VDay celebrator! 🙂 We went out for dinner in the weekend, because I love having a glass (or more) of wine while we dine and I didn’t want that to be on a Monday!

      I think it is possible to celebrate the day with minimal consumerism and yet the show the person you love them. But truth be told, Mike sent me flowers at work and it really felt great. 🙂

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