Where Have I been?

Honestly I have not been doing anything exciting. Work has been killer, though it has settled down nicely. I thought I would talk about my March goals today.

On the weight-loss front, things are moving along, though not swimmingly. I have lost 12 pounds since January, but 5 of those are the ones I gained during the holiday season. I have signed up for a trainer at my gym, who has started me on a strength training regimen. I meet with her once a week and she has now given me a schedule to follow for the other days when I don’t meet her. My arms and my whole body was so sore after the first two days. I am good at going to the gym and exercising, but my eating is not so disciplined. I really sabotage myself during the weekends, because we love to go out for dinner. I am trying to get that in control. And since this is is a PF blog, let’s talk about how much the trainer costs. I have prepaid $550 for 12 sessions, which comes to $45.83 per session. This is steep, but so far I like her (had just 3 sessions). At the end of 3 months, if I see some good results I think I will buy another 12 sessions. It hurts me bad to spend this kind of money, but I tell myself that this is an investment towards my health. But in order for this to be worth anything, I must make sure that I do everything in my power to lose these extra pounds.

The French tutoring is coming along very nicely. I spend $20 for every class and it is totally worth it because she goes on for more than an hour each class. She talks completely in French and I do too. It’s nice that I am able to speak so much with such a limited vocabulary and grammar.

For the month of February and March, I have transferred $2000 to my student loan. However we over spent on credit cards in March (my trainer fees and a mini vacation to Washington DC) and we might have to use part of the April student loan payment to pay these credit cards. More about that in the next post.

I realize that I have been failing miserably when it comes to writing on the blog. I think that’s because I am not talking about my budget or how I spend my money. So I am going to give blogging another try and talk about my budget in detail. Hope to get some insight (sans judging) from the experienced PF folks!

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