Mish Mash Post

I realized that I hadn’t posted a goal update for April. Things are moving along as far as finance goes. Will post about exact student loan numbers soon. On the weight loss front, I have started training with a trainer once a week. But I didn’t lose any weigh at all in April though I have been a good girl with my diet and even ran my first 5k race. So I have upped to training with the trainer 2 days a week. I really like her, she pushes me to do things I would never do on my own. One day she made me run backwards on the track between strength training.

I am feeling majorly disillusioned about money these few months. These trainer sessions are eating a good chunk of change each month. But I want to do it, because I think of it as investing in my health now so that I will be healthier in the future. I know a lot of people do it by themselves without expensive gyms or trainers, but somehow the pounds seem to like me and don’t want to melt despite my best efforts. Also I don’t want to end up obese, which will happen in some years if my weight keeps creeping up as it does. Mike is turning 30 in a month and I want to get something special for his 30th birthday which will cost money again. And there is summer travel. Money seems to leave my bank account the day it comes in. I wish a big bag of money would just fall from the sky into my Savings account.

Hope everyone else is having a better time with their money.

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