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Buying Used

I have been lurking and reading PF blogs long before I started my own blog. I have learned a lot of things from them. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is to buy used. I have tried that out … Continue reading

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Partner Woes

How do the other PF bloggers deal with their spouse who is not on board 100%. A few weeks ago Mike and I had a long talk and I filled him in on details about where we stand debt wise. … Continue reading

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New Phones

Were you all as shocked to hear about Steve Jobs? I felt really sad that day because the world has lost a creative genius. It didn’t feel like a celebrity death, it really hit me hard. Especially since I work … Continue reading

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Student Loan Numbers

I have talked about this in an earlier post. But I wanted to recap the situation since I was away for a long time. Mike and I don’t have any debt from our under grad degree. But when I went … Continue reading

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Logging in after ages. Around the time I stopped blogging, I was feeling very bad about our finances and it seemed like I would never get rid of student debt. I haven’t saved any significant amount of money since then, … Continue reading

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