Logging in after ages. Around the time I stopped blogging, I was feeling very bad about our finances and it seemed like I would never get rid of student debt. I haven’t saved any significant amount of money since then, but have not accrued any debt since then. We went to New York in May for Mike’s birthday. While we stayed with Mike’s buddy, thus saving on hotel room charges. But we did spend on tickets for a Broadway  musical (Spiderman) and various museum charges. We got a little souvenir crazy and got a couple T shirts and prints of the city off a road vendor. There were all these cute little bookstores and I gto a book at each of these places which all adds up.

And in August, we went to Maui for a week. This is our first big vacation since we got married and we went a little crazy (notice a pattern here) We booked rooms at this fabulous hotel right on the best beach on Maui. We waffled and hemmed and hawed before booking this hotel, but since this was our almost honeymoon we went ahead and booked it. My parents weighed in too and told us to go for it and hinted that they would pay part of it if money was a problem. But we decided not to take any money from them, because honestly we are too old to be getting help from them. We also did tons of activities like scuba diving and snorkeling tours. It made for a fantastic vacation and I am glad we went. But when we added up what we spent on vacation and shopping before the vacation (swim suits, summer dresses etc), it added up to $6500. This number makes me sad whenever I think of it. We had saved up $3500 in our Travel Fund and the remaining was on our credit card that we have paid off by diverting what we would save to pay off that credit card.

There have been other expenses cropping up in the last month, like renewing our gym contracts (we pay it in full every 6 months), buying a bunch of personal trainer sessions (I pay $800 every 3 months, pricey but worth it) and so on. I charged my credit card for all of these, but I have paid the card in full before the finance charges kick in.

So here is where we stand. I hope to get more serious about my finances going forward. I have also been having interesting conversations with Mike about strategy and I hope to share those in the coming days. My next post tomorrow will be about exact numbers on my debt and my plans for paying them off.

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2 Responses to Back!

  1. Thanks for making us part of your NYC adventures! Hope you had a blast swinging by our show.

  2. LBC Teacher says:

    Way to be honest and work on moving ahead from wherever you’re at. You can do it!

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