Buying Used

I have been lurking and reading PF blogs long before I started my own blog. I have learned a lot of things from them. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is to buy used. I have tried that out for a lot of things. For instance, Mike’s car. Mike drives a Nissan Versa (hatchback) and we decided to buy a pre-owned car rather than pay a few thousand more for the new car smell. Mike and I play a lot of video games and for the longest time I would just order the game new from Amazon without looking for used. Now I buy most of our games used from Gamestop. I paid to become a PowerUp member of Gamestop – it is $10, but I get a 10% discount on all used games any any games I trade in. Also I got a coupon for one game free which more than paid for the membership fee. I digress. The point I was trying to make was that, used is as good as new for things like video games.

But I am not comfortable buying used for everything. Here are some items that I would never buy used.

1) Clothes – I know a lot of PF bloggers extol the virtues of thrift store clothing. I understand that is cheaper and greener, but somehow the thought of wearing something that someone else wore just freaks me out. A friend tried to convince me by saying that people try things at stores and return clothes all the time. Well, that freaks me out too. Mike makes fun of me, because when I find a shirt I like, I try to grab the last shirt in my size because the ones in the front are the ones that typically people try on. Similarly I try to get the last jean from the pile and so on. I tried to walk into a thrift store this weekend, because I wanted something to complete my Halloween costume and I figured that it would be cheaper to buy that used. I did find something close to what I wanted, but I had a mini panic attack while waiting in line to check out. Since that was just an accessory, I have decided to do without that vest.

2) Car – I know I talked about buying Mike’s car used, but I don’t think we will be doing that again. A couple of friends bought a used car from a reputable dealer and are having problems that are costing thousands to fix. I think we will save up for the next car (both our cars are fairly new) and buy new cars with cash when it is time to replace them.

3) Electronic Devices – Computers, ipods, phones, cameras. I think it is just commonsense to not buy these used. There is no way to check for any damages and working in the industry I wouldn’t advice anyone to do it unless you know the person who is selling it.

Is there anything that you would never buy used?

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6 Responses to Buying Used

  1. Everyone has to pick and choose what works for them. I find it funny how much you don’t like used clothing! I am a thrift store queen, and love it. But I also don’t have problem with picking up food from the floor and eating it–I just don’t have a germ sensor. My husband on the other hand is all anti-germ, so I get where you’re coming from.
    I’m thinking by the end of next year or the year after that we’ll have to buy a car. But I’m keeping my options open–new or used. Wherever we can find the best deal!

    • Ella says:

      Yeah it is funny if you think about it. I think the goodwill I went to was pretty sad too – most the clothes were kinda old and threadbare and I didn’t see any new ones with tags on them.
      When it comes to cars I think it is more of a grey area. I think it depends greatly on which year you buy. I think it is fine to buy cars that are a few years old, because they will still have couple years of the manufacturer’s warranty. Like you said, a good deal is a good deal 🙂

  2. A bunch of things – I don’t like used shoes and especially not a used mattress! I don’t have a lot of luck at the thrift store, but it’s fun to browse.

    • Ella says:

      Oh yes, definitely not a mattress! It was a lot of fun to browse though. Also I bet the thrift stores in NYC are a lot nicer than the ones in my midwest town 🙂

  3. Never buy used… hmmm… well, I would never buy medication used. And I’d never buy bedding used. After reading about all the reports of bedbugs, I’m probably not going to buy used upholstered furniture for a long while.

    • Ella says:

      Haha, I hope no-one buys medication used. Oh yes, the bedbugs scare. When I was in grad school, a few of my friends picked up what they thought was a perfectly nice couch from the curb only to have bugs crawl out when they got it inside. Ewww!

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