Christmas Shopping

In case anyone is wondering, there is less than a month left for Christmas. Like I talked about in my previous post we are not flying home for Christmas this year. But there is still gifts to be bought. Since we are not going to be at the big family gathering, we are limiting gifts to just immediate family – my parents, my sister and Mike’s brother. We decided to spend some of the money that we would have spent on flight tickets and give nicer gifts this year. My sister is getting an ipad! I am most jealous of her, especially since I don’t have an ipad. 🙂 We wanted to get an ipad for Mike’s brother too, but he told Mike that he would rather have cash/gift cards, since he is in college and is cash strapped at the moment. So we are getting him a small gift and he is getting the rest in cash. I am thinking about getting my parents a couple nights away at this beautiful hotel on the lake near their home. They never take vacations and I am sure they would enjoy this. We were thinking about getting some gift cards for restaurants nearby and gas cards so that they don’t have to spend anything.

Mike’s company drops them a profit sharing bonus 2-3 times a year. He got one a few months ago and we saved that in a different account earmarked for Christmas (Thank you ING) So we don’t feel guilty buying nice gifts, since we have the money for them.

Now to the question of gifts for ourselves. I want us to get something nice for each other, but not go overboard. Erika who writes here had a post up about buying for significant others, which is pretty similar to how I feel. (She has an awesome blog – you check it out if haven’t already). It feels odd to buy each other gifts when we share accounts and credit cards. Last year we picked our own gifts, but I didn’t really enjoy the experience. I am the kind of person who loves surprises and I love to hear the story of how Mike picked that gift for me. But Mike on the other hand, is not big on surprises and is already talking about picking our own gifts this year. We are going to talk about it this weekend. I am hoping to stick to around $100 each.

So have you all finished your Christmas shopping?

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3 Responses to Christmas Shopping

  1. thanks for the shout out!

    I also love the surprise aspect and that’s taken away when you share accounts. i think we decided to take an overnight trip somewhere and just do stockings this year. we can easily spend about $50 on stockings so that’s fine!

  2. Aaron says:

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