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Debt Update

I have been in a posting slump lately and I think an easy post to do would be to talk about how my debt payoffs have progressing (especially since we’ve been making good progress on them) Student Loan : $6325 … Continue reading

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Budgeting Blues

The first thing that all PF bloggers talk about is the budget. I am really good at making budgets. The first time I made one (about 4 months back), I analyzed the spending of the past couple months and categorized … Continue reading

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Debt Tally

When I made the decision to become serious about my debt a few months ago, I realized that while I had been paying the minimum balance on them, I did not know updated numbers about how much I owed! So … Continue reading

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Putting the “Personal” Back in PF

For the longest time, I had assumed that I was good with money. After all, I made a decent salary, saved 10% of it each month and had no credit card debt. I financed a new Hyundai Sonata right out … Continue reading

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Interrupting Regular Service

‘coz it’s my birthday today! 🙂 Mike went all out this year and got me a lot of stuff. Like this painting by a local artist of a beach in France. I love oil paintings, I always look to support … Continue reading

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The He and His Debt

When I started this blog, I intended for it to chronicle my journey out of debt and the way I deal with money. But when I opened my budget last night, I realized that I could never just talk about … Continue reading

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Story of my Debt

Today I would like to talk a little more about my debt . My biggest debt to date is my student loan – around $30000. All of this was for grad school. My parents were gracious enough to pay for … Continue reading

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