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Christmas Shopping

In case anyone is wondering, there is less than a month left for Christmas. Like I talked about in my previous post we are not flying home for Christmas this year. But there is still gifts to be bought. Since … Continue reading

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Making Do

In line with my previous post, another important lesson that I’ve learned the past few months is about making do with I have. For most part of my life I have been an all-or-nothing kind of girl. I remember a … Continue reading

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New Phones

Were you all as shocked to hear about Steve Jobs? I felt really sad that day because the world has lost a creative genius. It didn’t feel like a celebrity death, it really hit me hard. Especially since I work … Continue reading

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Logging in after ages. Around the time I stopped blogging, I was feeling very bad about our finances and it seemed like I would never get rid of student debt. I haven’t saved any significant amount of money since then, … Continue reading

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Mish Mash Post

I realized that I hadn’t posted a goal update for April. Things are moving along as far as finance goes. Will post about exact student loan numbers soon. On the weight loss front, I have started training with a trainer … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

I know that there is a lot of flack in the blogosphere about celebrating Valentine’s Day. But to be honest, I like doing something special on V Day. I know that we must love our significant others 365 days a … Continue reading

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Dual Income

The other day, one of Mike’s buddies (let’s call him Ty) visited us with his family in tow. They live about couple of hours away and drove down on a Saturday morning. I have have met him a couple of … Continue reading

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